Thursday, 28 June 2012

IRS Introduction Question 4

In your opinion, what are the roles and responsibilities for the leader,blog manager, schedule manager and Public Relations Manager? Why?


  1. Leader : His role is to guide and lead the team on the right path. His responsibilities are to ensure the project meets the deadline and make sure members stay focused.

    Blog Manager : His role is to manage the blog, such as informing us deadline and details and etc.. His responsibilities are to ensure the members gets data from the blog.

    Schedule Manager : His role is to make sure the group hands up their work on time and plan for meetings to complete the project. His responsibilities are to make sure we participate.

    Public Relations Manager : His role is to keep the group optimistic and prevent conflicts from happening. His responsibilities are to keep peace.

  2. For the leader, he has to oversee everything that the team is doing.
    FOr the blog manager,he has to manage the blog and iinform his group members about any events like deadlines and etc.
    For the schedule manager,he has to make sure all work are handed up on time, as well as plan for meetings for the group to discuss things.
    Public Relations Manager is to keep conflicts from arrising and make sure every one is happy.

  3. Leader: He has to lead everybody in doing their task and also to help the group perform better
    Blog Manager : He has to manage the blog and make sure that there is no one who post obscene things on the blog. He is also in charge of putting up the meeting times and venue when needed.
    Schedule manager: He has to plan out the timings for the group to meet up and inform the blog manager about it
    Public Relations Manager: He has to prevent the group members from fighting and he also has to solve conflicts between members.3

  4. Leader : His role is to lead the whole team and ensure that the team remains on task at all time. He also has a heavy responsibility.

    Blog manager : He has to manage the blog and keep track of the postings and he himself have to post the recent homework or whatever that is needed

    schedule manager: His role is to ensure that each of his teammate hands in the work on time and remind them of the dead line or due date

    public relationship manager : His job is to make sure that everyone in the team works or cooperate together and solve all disputes .


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