3. Results

What our project about is to how to prolong the life of a bone cancer patient ?
  So far what we have found out is that there are two types of bone cancer , primary & secondary. Primary is when a malignant tumor originates in the bone itself , however this form of bone cancer is very rare.Secondary is when the cancer forms at other parts of the body such as lungs or liver-and spreads or metastasizes to the bone , then it it referred to a secondary bone cancer. 

So far the common cures or treatment for bone cancer patients is , surgery , chemotherapy , radiation cryosurgery. However this treatments are costly and some are painful for the patients. We found out that there are ways to prolong the life of the victim without going through painful treatments. With the technology that we have now , radiation , chemotherapy , cryosurgery would be a painless way to cure but the side effects are painful. 

Mental attitude , willpower to live and positive thinking of the patient will prolong the life of a patient 

Extra information : The surveys we sent got a result of about 13 replies,most of which are that they do not have bone cancer,and thus cannot provide highly useful information.However,those who had had bone cancer did provide some what useful information.One of the replies was that he/she got bone cancer when they were 12.Results would range from not having bone cancer and having gotten bone cancer since 5 years ago.A few of the replies were that they got bone cancer from hereditary sources.

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