13. Updates of Research Progress

Week 2 19/1/2013 : 

For this week , what we are planning on doing would be just organize and decide what do each person in our group do. After this is done , we would start working on our task as a whole and find information on what we are investigating. we are also thinking of what to do if our current plan fails. Basically what we are doing for this week is mostly planning and organizing. 

Week 3 26/1/2013 : 

For this week we were are going to do is to carry out our plan. We plan to type out a draft of what we would want to ask the doctors that we plan on interviewing. After drafting out all the nesassary questions , we would collate it into a formal mail .We plan to email doctors that are specialized in our research and are willing to help us. On top of that we would also do additional research in order not to waste our precious time.We also plan on completing the gantt chat and also organize the whole blog to make it neater.  

Week 5 :16/2/2013

For this week we plan carrying out our plan B as our Plan A is still currently in progress . So what we are going to do is to get information off from the internet and compile it together. After that we would analysis  what we have so far and see whether the information is useful or not. We would also try our best to find doctors to interview. Our agenda today basically would just to continue our research online.

Week 6 : 23/2/2013

For this week we are going to analyse the data that we have gotten from the plan B as we are still waiting for reply for our plan A. We have also found some information from the internet and we are going to discuss so that we can get some idea for our research study. As we are doing, we have updated the blogs too.

Week 7 : 22/2/2013
For this week, since we have already gathered our data, we are going to update our blogs with our data and we will also update our blogs with the methods since we have not updated our blogs with our methodology.

Week 8 : 
For this week, we have already assign the parts we are gonna update and work according so that we can finish our e portfolio as soon as possible.

Week 9 : 
For this week we will continue to update our e portfolio and then start on our presentation slides. 

Week 10 : 

For this week , we have been assigned to work together on the slides that we would be going to present. We are also assigned to create our own script and to practice together , checking the timing to our presentation , adding in things that are necessary. 

Week 11 : 
For this week , we ensure that everything is completed , e-portfolio and Slides . We will be doing the final touch ups to our work and we will also be rehearsing for the final time for the presentation. 

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